How to Disable Sharing

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I am trying to disable the "Share this item with other people" feature. Microsoft shows this PowerShell function:

Limit sharing in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Learn


But I get an error message saying "Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation".




I am a Global Administrator.

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Works fine here. Double-check the credentials you used, and also the site URL

@xoxidein Check if user account you are using for running the PowerShell commands have enough permissions on the site.


First try using account with SP tenant administrator role on the tenant. If that does not work for you, use account with SP tenant administrator role AND site admin (SCA) permissions on that specific site.


Before running Set-SPOSite command, you have to connect to admin center using Connect-SPOService like: 


Connect-SPOService -Url -credential email address removed for privacy reasons


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