How to delete the "Review Items" list?

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Hi, I hope you can help: I've accidently activated the feature 

Review: Enable the definition and declaration of review.

  1. Strangely it doesn't show the activation in the Site Collection features. The button says "Activate"
  2. The page has now a "Review Item" list that was automatically set as the homepage. That is a big problem, since the site collection is our departments communication page.

    Please, please help! I really need to delete that review list since I can't create a new page.


BTW: I'm a Sharepoint keyuser, not an IT Admin, but if can't solve the problem by myself I would give your potential answers to our IT.

Thanks a lot!


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Try going to the site pages (https://[tenant][site]/SitePages/Forms/ByAuthor.aspx and locate Home.aspx . You'll hopefully have the option to "Make homepage", after which the main page will be back to what it was.

You should also pay attention to the "Search and offline availability" site setting (https://[tenant][site]/_layouts/15/srchvis.aspx ) as the first option "Allow this site to appear in search results" also gets set to "No" when trying to activate "Review". By default, this is set to "Yes".

Hope that helps.