How to delete modern sharepoint site

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I created a new sharepoint site, the new modern variety, and there is no 'site settings' in the cog on these ones of course, so how can I delete the site altogether? I've deleted the group part of it already, just want to know how to delete the site.



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This is true, but you have a Site information link and in the site information panel you will see a link View all site settings that will provide you the access to the Site Settings page...but you will see there you don't have a "Delete site" option and I think this is just because you have created also a Group behind the if you delete the Group, the site should be deleted too.

So just confirmed: you need to delete the Group so the site will be deleted too

When deleting a group one gets a message the all of the groups conversations, files, notebooks and events will be permanently deleted.

Is there undelete or recover option if a group is deleted by mistake?

Can you confirm what you mean by 'deleting the group'? Are you talking Active Directory Group or SharePoint security group, or 'Team' from the Teams UI? 


Cheers, Ellya 

The Office365 group.

Whenever you create a modern team site, there is a corresponding office365 group created.


Apparently the only way to delete the SharePoint site from the UI, is by deleting the Office 365 Group.

Ah, with you now...accessing 'Groups' via the O365 Admin. The issue I now have is that as a 'traditional SharePoint Admin' working for a finance organisation, I've only been given roles for SharePoint and OneDrive admin, so I can't delete groups. It says you need to be a Global Admin to delete groups, this is something I'm unlikely to a bit of a pain!   

Microsoft is working on an updated SharePoint Admin page that will include SharePoint sites created via Office 365 groups and Microsoft Teams.


Am not sure though when it will be available.


@Mark Kashman any idea when the updated SharePoint admin page will be available?

Looking forward to that option! :)

Thanks for your help.

It's expected to be available for targeted release tenants in early 2018 - check this, where you can also apply to participate in the testing while it's in preview.


Append "_layouts/15/deleteweb.aspx" to the URL. So the complete URL will be "https://yoursitecollection/sites/yourmodernsite/_layouts/15/deleteweb.aspx". 


Once the page opens, you will get the option to delete the Modern Site. 




THANK YOU for this answer - the most direct route.