how to creates report tables in sharepoint list without using power BI

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I have a list in the sharepoint. Now, I would like to create some reports like charts, pivots without power BI. Can any one guide me.



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Hi @Pradeep780 


Click export to excel at the top of the list. Create pivot charts etc using excel with the data.


When the data is updated in SharePoint you can click refresh data in excel. 


@Andrew Hodges , I want run time update not like in excel. Please suggest us is there any way we can.



Do you mean real time update of data?  I think PowerBI would have to be used as Excel looks to not be able to do that (although I am no excel expert) ,  but I still don't know if data can be streamed from a SharePoint list top PowerBI for real time updates.


For sure you could code something to poll the SharePoint list every 10 seconds or so to get the data but you would be looking at some sort of custom dashboard.