How to create text so that a person's name "John Smith" is linked to the persons user profile?

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Hello there,

I am relatively new to SharePointOnline/SPO and it looks great.  It would be great to get some advice/help on the following:

I would like to create text in Content Editor / Text WebPart and in this text I want to mention a person's name, e.g. John Smith, and that text should then also be linked to the user's profile in SPO. So when you hover over the "John Smith" text, the SPO user profile hover over dialogue should open.

How can this be done? 

Many thanks for your help & kind regards,


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I would suggest to use here the People WebPart
Many thanks, Juan.
I have used that WebPart. It takes a lot of space and I can't integrate into a text.
Is there another way to have that hover over feature activated (e.g. "@John Smith" is used in other platforms)?
You can use the People web part or try creating a custom list with a Person column where you put the person's name and then a text column for your text. You can use custom formatting to create a variety of different ways to display the information. Check out for some examples.