How to create separators without link in the Quick Launch Menu in a modern teamsite?

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In a classic teamsite I used to create separators without a link beween menu-items ot group items together.

After I replaced the classic homepage with a modern homepage in a teamsite I can't create these anymore.

When creating a menu-item I'm forced to enter a link otherwise the 'OK' button is greyed out.

The separators I created before the conversion are still OK but I can't edit them or create new ones.

The screenshot below shows what a converted separator looks like.

It seems I need to enter a valid link to be able to save the menu-item.

Does anyone have a tip for me how to create separators without a link in the modern lay-out?


Quick Launch Menu Separator.png

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If you enter # for the url - it replaces it with the site url - which is not perfect, but may be ok for you.
Hi Rob,
Thank for your reply.
But this not what i'm looking for.

Users who click on the separator expect it to expand and show the menu-items underneath it. Just like when they click on the little down arrow next to it.

That's what i'm looking for. :)

Hi Rob,
I checked the information in the link. But this is exactly what I have done already.

What I need is what you see in the screenshot below.

Clicking on the separator should only expand and collapse the menu-items underneath and should not have a link of it's own.

In a classic teamsite this was no problem because it was possible to create a menu-item without entering a link. In the modern lay-out you can't save the menu-item when the link-field is empty. 




@Rob Ellis 

I just discovered that it's possible to add a separator or label when I change a teamsite into a HUBsite. 

For normal teamsites this option is not available. Looks to me this is a bug.


Hub Site Label.png



@Henry van der Wielen 

@Henry van der Wielen 

Hi Henry, i found out that if we put: http://linkless.header/ in the link box it works.




Hope it will help


The ability to select Link vs Label on the left-side nav of a modern Team site just showed up in our tenant. Not sure exactly when this arrived - it wasn't there 2 weeks ago (when I found this post while searching for a solution) but it's there this morning.