How to create hyperlinks to local paths (Explorer) for all users [OfB / SharePoint files]?

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When you create Share links (copy link) to files on a OneDrive (OfB) or files on a SharePoint site (synched using OfB), the links are only usable in a browser:


Typically the link looks like this ridiculous path (for external sharing) ..

Or resolved as this equally uninterprettable path ... Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx?id=%2Fteams%2Fteamname%2FShared Documents%2FPavements%2F1%2E Projects%2FAppin Road Verification Payments Package%2F80%25 Detailed Design%2FPS107784-00-GT-REP-001_Gesrfhnical Factual Report%2Epdf&parent=%2Fteams%2Fteam%2FShared Documents%2FPaffrents%2F1%2E Projects%2FAppin Road Veriffon Paedfnts Package%2F80%25 Detailed Design&p=true 

What I would like is the ability to link to files in the Windows Explorer location (under OneDrive path or SharePoint)


I am aware that the %username% is not supported (blocked) in hyperlinks, so that avenue was tried.


Is there a way to copy the path such that the recipient is directed to the file in their Windows Explorer view?

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