How to create a lists based modern site that I can reproduce across tenants?

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Good day,


Wish to have a sharepoint site with many lists, views on those lists , (modern) sharepoint pages using those list, all depending on each other.

I need to be able to deploy/copy complete site, all information, lists, pages etc to a new sharepoint site. I would even like to copy this to a different tenant.


How could I get started with this? Does a microsoft sollution exists to copy this (and not break links between the lists). (My research says no)

Should I design all of this as a sharepoint app? (can apps do this?) (could apps handle schema updates in the future on the lists?)


What technology/solutions should I be looking at to achieve my goal?

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@JayBeeFinalBeta have a look at ShareGate which can copy sites between tenants.


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Thanks Rob,

I was really hoping for another way.
I've found that there is a sharpeoint store.
Would building a sharepoint framework app give me what I require?