How to create a List from nested files in a Document Library?

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I'd like to have an SPO List of any items (PDF, XLS) in a Document Library that are tagged with specific properties. I have a library of nested folders where I've set a Choice column to Active if a file is current.  


How can I filter by Active within nested folders? I assume I would have to create a separate list to gather the column status of all the nested files.  


I've tried to do this using Lookup but the column I want to filter by isn't present. 


So, to illustrate in the following example, I want to create a List of any items in the Document Library that are In Stock. 


Doc Library

 Grocery Store

ApplesIn Stock
OrangesNot In Stock
PearsNot In Stock


ChickenNot In Stock
BeefIn Stock
PorkIn Stock


SPO List 

In Stock Items


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I ended up creating a new Page and used the Highlighted Content element to filter by a column in the Document Library. I suppose this will do but I still feel like there's a better way. For instance, this element doesn't show all the columns in the Doc Library.