How to create a folder to share externally

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Hi all, I am trying to create a folder in SharePoint that can be shared externally so both users within my company and specified external users can access to upload in copies of agreements.
To date I have been able to set it up so I can share a link externally however I haven’t been able to work out how to set it up so it can be a shared folder.
One of my concerns with sharing the link externally is that I have had to change my settings so the link can be shared with anyone however that change to the settings appears to have changed for all folders in all directories.
The preferred outcome is to limit external sharing to the one folder.
I would appreciate anyone’s help.

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Hi Rob
From what you've said, you've enabled 'Anyone' sharing perhaps at the global (M365 admin) level, which means that SP admin has the same setting. And then, on this specific site, you have enabled 'Anyone' sharing which means that anyone can share with anyone from any folder on the site.
Two possible alternatives to the above: (1) Create a dedicated site just for this sharing activity. (2) Add the specific externals to the site in a custom permission group (so they can access the site directly) and add that group to a specific library (so you share the library URL instead of the folder URL), removing them (creating unique permissions) on any other library. You could also use the permission group on a folder but that requires you to have unique permissions on the folders and use the 'Copy link' to share the folder instead of using the 'Share' option.
In most cases I would recommend the first option, but if it's impractical, try the second option.
Hi Andrew, thanks for your assistnace, it worked operfectly.