How to create a cross site choice column

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How could I create a reusable choice column in my entire tenant?


The scenario is as following:

 In my company intranet, I want to create a choice column in my root site and reuse it in all may sites, even if the sites are not subsites of the root site.


  • Root site :
  • Targeted site :

How could I do that? knowing that I tried to create a site column in my root site but it's not available in the abs site.


Thank you

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@Mounir_Aziz ,


The easiest way is to create your choice column in the ContentTypeHub. From there, it will replicate your choice column in all sites. However, the column needs to be attached to a content type in the content type hub to be published. If you are not using a specific content type for this column, just create a dummy content type in the hub and add your column in it.


The content type hub is an existing SharePoint site located at /sites/ContentTypeHub

It is also now available from SharePoint Administration/Content Services/Content type gallery.


Other options are site scripts, PnP PowerShell...

@Martin Coupal 

This was the right thing to do, Thank you :)