How to connect to on-premise?

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I am making a powerapp to create a better user experience with our test requests. All of the test requests, and associated data, are stored in an on-premise sharepoint. I have followed steps to setting up a gateway I don't see how this gateway allows me to do anything else. I don't set up a link to the sharepoint anywhere in this gateway, it is just associated to my account. Anyways, I connect my gateway to powerapps, and when I try connecting an existing list from the on-prem sharepoint, it gives me the following error.  I know the sharepoint list exits because we use it today, but I am just not sure what else I need to do. Do I need to sign into the gateway with specific credentials (creator of the on-prem sharepoint)? 






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@georgijeS Did you follow below Microsoft documentations?


  1. What is an on-premises data gateway?
  2. Support for on-premises SharePoint lists

Let us know if it helps or if you need any further help.

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