How to clone SharePoint site and content and keep it updated with the changes from original site?

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Hey all, so I need to do two things. 


1) Clone a SharePoint modern site and its content.

2) Whatever changes done to the content (modifications, new docs or list items) pass it on to the cloned site. 


What would you suggest to implement this? For the first one, I was thinking either save site as template and then include content or create site make sure its the same as the original content and then copy data over to the cloned site. 


For the second one, I was thinking of utilising Power Automate to move files if new ones get added or modified. Would greatly appreciate your insight and help into this. Thanks. 

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May I ask what the scenario you have here? It seems you want to do a kind of archiving and for that, there is not currently a good solution in SharePoint. With Microsoft Syntex archive capabilities will come and there are also third party products that provide this feature Today such as AvePoint.

If this is not an archive use case, them the option to provision a twin site, copy data and implement a kind of sync process might work. Depending on the amount of changes, Power Autoamte could not be the option

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Thanks for your reply. Its not for archive use case. Do you reckon it might be better to use any third party tools to achieve the sync? I was leaning towards Power Automate as its free, I can set it up and its mostly just documents and list items. However I can also see how this might be a bit complex for power automate. Have you used any third party apps for syncing purposes or any suggestions? 


Thanks again mate, appreciate this.