How to change the SPO home/launch URL into a communication site

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I am building and testing our SPO environment.  It appears that you cannot convert a team site into a communication site.  AFAIK, our "home" site was set that way (not sure by who).  This is a problem since I need our home site to be a communication site so it can be the home/root URL for our production SPO.


For example:  My current "home" site is  and it is a team site.  I need to set this as the root/home URL within the Sharepoint admin center however I cannot do this unless it is a communication site according to the error I get with the SPO admin center.


Anyway I can fix this?  Thanks!

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Strange what you are describing here...have you actually tried to make a Site Swap between your root site and the site you want as home: or do you mean somebody added a group to your site?
Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for the link it was informative.

Ok my root site is correct, example: goes to the site I want.
However it is set to a team site not a communication site. I'm not sure if this is how it was as default or if I (or someone else) did this.

Any ideas how to get my root site set as a communication site and not a team site?

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Ok, I figured it out.
The site I wanted to convert was set as Teams Classic Site and that's why when I viewed it was showing as a Teams site. I used the Sharepoint Powershell tool to convert it to a modern communication site and then I was able to set it as a root site.