How to change our root site collection from been Team(classic experience) to be a modern communicati

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We have a tenant that has its root site collection as Team(classic experience):-



and this site is not currently been used, all the work is been done on other site collection. so i want to change the root site template from been Team(classic experience) to be a modern communication site.. is this possible. also i need to set the root communication site as Hub site later on.


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Hi @John John,
You can make the site currently in use to be the default root site by using the replace menu.

I will give you details of how to go about it tomorrow.
Hello @John John,
Select the site you wish to change from being a root site(i.e the classic site), click on the eclipse (...) on the menu bar,select change/remove from being the Home site(If it is still showing it as home site). Select it again and use the eclipse,then select Replace Site. Enter the URL of the new site you desire to be your default home site, then save.