How to change folder name ?

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@PAULYEO11 Hello,

To clarify, that is the URL for the Team site. What you are showing is not a folder, but a team site.
Was the solution above what you needed?

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Hi sir
Thank you for your sharing

@ArefHalmstrand May i know how to change the site name ? I still struggle with it.



Did you try the steps show in the link sent by Trevor?

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Aref Halmstrand


There are two ways to change the SharePoint site address:

  1. From SharePoint admin center
  2. Using Microsoft PowerShell


  1. To change the site address you should be a global or SharePoint admin in your organization/tenant.
  2. If the Publishing feature is currently activated or was previously activated for the site, then changing the site address is unsupported.

Before rushing to change site address, make sure that you read and understand the side effects of changing a site address.


Additional References:

  1. How to Rename the Site Address (URL) for a SharePoint Online Site
  2. Change a site's title, description, logo, and site information settings 

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