How to change document preview background color

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I have a Document Library on SharePoint that holds some AutoCAD files. SharePoint offers a nice viewer for these files, but the background is white making it very hard to see details in the files. Is there a way to change the background previewer to black? 


Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!



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Unfortunately, it's not possible to make any customization

@CamCov This is SharePoint default behavior with white background for document preview.


There are no SharePoint out of the box settings available for changing the background color of document preview.


I will suggest you to check if you can do something with SharePoint JSON formatting. Here is the related documentation for using filepreview element type in JSON: JSON formatting-syntax-reference filepreview 

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Hi @ganeshsanap ,


I was only able to change the icon preview color when in list view. 


These are AutoCAD files, so when you click on them it opens a full screen preview window that has a white background. This white background makes it very hard to see the drawing in the file. 


I would like to update the full screen preview window to have a black background. I feel like we are on the right track, so additional help or direction would be great!