How to change default sharing capability?

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how it is possible to change default sharing capability for communication site and team site? Based on official documentation this is default - The default sharing setting for Office 365 group-connected team sites is "New and existing guests." The default for communication sites and classic sites is "Only people in your organization."


I would like to change it and set "Only existing guests" for team sites.


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Do you mean for every new site created? One possible way is just by changing the sharing capability using the SPO Admin Center...another one is by means of PS

@Juan Carlos González Martín yes, I mean for every as a default for every new site. It is not possible to do it in SPO Admin Center. There you can set "Sharing" policy but this is only settings for "maximum sharing level". If you set "Anyone", new teams site has always "New and existing guest" as a default and communication site "Only people from organization".

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Unfortunately, SharePoint Online does not support the ability to set the default sharing capability (e.g. allowing external sharing) for new sites today. This is something the team has talked about previously though. Thanks for the feedback!


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