How to change default language for SharePoint sites made by Teams creation

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I have a M365 tenant created by customer with default Italian language.

Now I changed the default language in English inside M365 Admin center - Org Settings - Organization Profile - Organization Information.

Unfortunately the default language for SharePoint site creation made by Teams (M365 groups) creation are all in italian and not in english.

I need default folders/library inside SharePoint (Teams) site in english for a migration purpose.

Any suggestions please?

Many thanks.


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I suppose that it's not possible to change this behavior. I can now create SPO site in english inside SharePoint Online Administration but it's not possible to create Teams with sharepoint site in English. At the Team creation SharePoint Sites will be always in Italian. This is a very bad thing!!! :(
Microsoft support confirms our assumptions:
"It is not possible to change the default language on the SharePoint side of things."

Pay close attention to the language used in the browser while opening a new tenant.
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Hi Raffaele
i am in the same situation did you manage to solve this issue please?