How to autofill incrementally?

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What is the best way to automate the entry of new rows in a SharePoint list in SharePoint Online, where the ID column contains new values of a given range X - Y and each new entry in the list needs the ID value incremented by 1?

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@austin40 you can't set what the ID will be; SharePoint will assign the number and you can neither change it nor manipulate it in any way. This is a safety measure so that no 2 IDs can ever be the same. You would need to have another column for "your" ID. Then what we do is to have a flow in Power Automate with a trigger of When an item is created. This looks at a separate "increment" list, gets the next increment number (there's only ever 1 item in that increment list), adds that number into the main list then adds 1 to the increment list ready for the next item.


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@RobElliott The ID column is actually just a regular text column without those restrictions. Is it possible to do this in a way where new ID's are added in a random order with a specified range X through Y where Y is (Y-X) numbers away from X, but X can be any random number.

You answered a different question than the one that I asked. Could you help me please?