How to Approve items twice

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Hi, I'm developing a leave application system in Sharepoint. So I use the approval in Sharepoint to approve/reject leave applications in Sharepoint. I've tried it and it only works once. I have employees that require 2 approvers to approve before the leave can be considered as approved. 


As you can see, after being modified once then it will be "Approved' but I would like another approver to approve the application before the status changes to 'Approved.' How to achieve this?

Thank you.

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Hi @MagnusGoksoyrOLDProfile, thank you for responding. From that link, it uses Power Automate to send approval that requires approval in Outlook. I need to approve or reject items in Sharepoint instead of Outlook. Do you know other ways?
Thank you.

@anonymous9376  If You build a new flow based on the functionality described in these two posts you should be able to achieve what you are looking for.