How to allow other accounts to refresh Excel with a query?

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Hi all,


I have a question regarding SharePoint and Excel. If you could assist me, please do so.


We have a SharePoint list that we use in a given view, giving us all most of the data we are working on. When I export it in this view it gives us a MS Web Query, generating the up to date database.



This is what we use as an Excel sheet, with other columns which are self-solving-functions mostly. When I have imported the given query sheet, it connected the data and is now refresh-able, with the refresh all button. This gives us all the refreshed pivots, and since this is set to refresh every time the file is opened, always grants us the up-to-date database.


The problem however is anytime someone else in my team tries to refresh all, this comes up with an error. The query is not refresh-able, "the following data range failed to refresh". This could be due to the fact that i have created the query, and it was my account.

The other accounts have access to the SharePoint list, they could export and even override the given database, but for us a refresh all would be immensely important. We update this file maybe 100-140 times a month and its at least 10 times come month-end days. 


Is there any way for my team to be able to refresh all, could i create a query that's "admin" level, should/could i tackle this problem in a different way somehow?


Thank you all,



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