How to access sharepoint site from other organisations than home organisation

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I have a problem accessing some sharepoint sites, which is connected to an organisation, which is not my home organisation. 


When I go, I can see both my home organisation and the other organisation 


I have access to the organisation's sharepoint site, as I can access it from an email sent to me. This is the only way right now. 


I there is a solution to this


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@EsbenSteeper the myaccount URL lists the organisations where you have a Guest account but doesn't give you access to the environment. The best option is to save the URL from the invite email as a bookmark in your web browser. 


If it is a site multiple people access then you add a link in your home tenant's SharePoint e.g. use a Quick Links webpart on a page .

Hi @Steve Knutson 


Thank you. I will do it like that 


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