How show the search control on all pages in a site

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On Site Content page: .../_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx?view=14, we can see a search control on the top center of the page:


How can I show the search control highlighted in red above on all pages such as page in site page library?

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As long as you're creating Site Page (modern page), you will have the Search Bar.
If it is a Wiki Page or Web Part page (which are classic pages), you won't be getting the Search Bar.


@KrunalRohit  yes. usually the search bar only appear for site page. However I see a site. Whatever wiki page, web part page , or site page, it has the search bar all along. Do you know how can I do it also?




@fishscience It is by design only. However, you can customize it by using SharePoint PnP PowerShell extensions.
Please refer this for more info -

@KrunalRohit Thank you! It is very helpful.

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