How i can create a copy of the templets inside a document library inside another document library

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I have a main document library named "customers" and it contains around 30 pdf and word documents templates. so how i can create a copy of these templates inside 10 document libraries?






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Hi @john john - use Content Types instead. From your SharePoint Admin Center, under Content Services, create a content type for each PDF and then publish them. For each Library that needs to offer the templates, add the Content Type. This will allow you to update the templates in the future from a single location and push the updates to all libraries. Here's more info Create or customize a content type - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Learn

@Kelly_Edinger the content type are used to add metadata to documents, in my case i have templates as documents that i want to reuse.. so not sure if your approach will achieve what i am looking for.

Go into the Advanced Settings of the Content Type and upload your template there.