How does versioning relate to storage space

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Can someone inform me on how much storage is used in versioning. 


In our tennant it looks like each version, both majors as minors, are stored in full. Taking up much space. When we look at a single document of 887kb with 2 major versions and 5 minor versions, we see it in the storage metrics as 8mb. This is valid for all documents and not related to one specific example. Unfortunate.



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Thanks @Rob Ellis , but the storage manager shows different storage amounts than the library does. 


In the attached example you can see a screenshot of our sharepoint online library showing a total of 3836Kb, where the storage metrics show 17,5MB for the same files....  


Assuming storage metrics is designed to show metrics on storage, it looks like we use up far more space than just the files and versioning incrementals. ANy idea what the official specs are? We would like to understand the impact of versioning on our storage.

Not an easy way to tell from what I know. But if you look in SPO Admin at the site, you will see the actual storage usage their. I have a site I'm testing Invoice Processing with and I have 6 Gig or changes reporting there. However, only using .49GB on the Site collection.

@Eline KurvinkUntil Sp2010 the versioning worked in a classic way where each upgraded file version was stored independently, starting 2013, only the delta gets stored. you might see a different number in the storage manager because in the backend the discarded data in the recycle bin also shows up sometimes.

@SaurabhDhall in the storage manager, we zoomed in to the actual document and still saw higher amount of MBs than the document itself.

@Chris Webb thanks, we will try populating a new site, do versioning and see what happens as to storage. Is there anything in a manual on file storage and versioning and how to interpret volume number on admin views like 'storage metrics' and SPO admin?