How does Version History work WITHOUT Check Out?

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I have found the concept of Checking Out/In easy to understand, and have always chosen to use it.  It appears Sharepoint Modern/O365 provides intelligent co-authoring, which may negate the need for Check Out, but I have concerns with version history/control.


I have removed the need for Check Out in Library settings, and edited a document (Excel workbook).  To my dismay, it appears that the AutoSave is resulting in a new Minor version every time I make a change.  Is my observation correct?  Surely that would make no sense, as the potential impact on storage could be huge.  It also makes versioning cumbersome and unclear, as many versions would have no 'purpose'.


As an aside, could someone tell me if complete documents are saved for each historic version, or if there is intelligent differential being applied?  The listed Size in Version history indicates that it is a full document...





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