How does the "Recommended for Current user" work inside the News Web Part

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We have added the News modern web part to our modern page, and we chose the "Recommended for Current user" as the News Source, as follow:-




But what are the criteria that make a News page recommended for the current user? any advice?

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@john john Here is what Microsoft says about recommended for the current user: posts for the current user from people the user works with; managers in the chain of people the user works with, mapped against the user's own chain of management and connections; the user's top 20 followed sites; and the user's frequently visited sites. See: Use the News web part on a SharePoint page (

@Susan Hanleythanks a lot for your very helpful reply.. i were reading some old posts which mentioned that recommended sites will only show sites that you follow... but seems now the criteria have been expanded..


My question now is:- What does "people the user works with" exactly mean? do u have any idea?

It's people in your management chain and peers - you can get an idea of who they are by looking at your Delve profile, all powered by the graph.

@Susan Hanleyok thanks.. so let say i am inside the Finance Dept and another user is inside the HR dept.. and we are working on a project together.. so we created a Teams site and worked on some documents together,,, we were editing the same document + we are inside the same Office 365 group... so does this mean that me and the other user work together? although inside the Organization chart we do not share any upper management ?

I think if your interaction is frequent enough, that person could definitely show up in your "works with" - at least that is what I see in the multiple tenants that I am a part of. I just don't usually choose Recommended for the current user on SharePoint sites because I want the experience to be more predictable. You already have a feed that is always "recommended for the current user" in the news feed in the app bar - so on intranet sites, I almost never choose that option.

@Susan Hanleyyes i got your point which is valid,.. but this is the customer requirement..

Also can you advice what do you mean by the "news feed in the app bar"? maybe this will be sufficient to me also? thanks

Click the link that looks like a newspaper in the SharePoint app bar (on all modern sites unless you have explicitly hidden it). It shows Recommended News.

Also, just because a client expresses something as a requirement doesn't mean it is a Capital R requirement. I prefer to capture Outcomes - what is the outcome that you are trying to achieve - and is the stated Requirement both cost effective, sustainable, and a good long term approach. There are many ways to accomplish an outcome but often, very few to achieve a Requirement.

@john john Below is My news tab in SharePoint app bar at the left side on SharePoint pages:


This shows Recommended/personalized news to currently logged in users. Read more about SharePoint app bar at: Introducing a SharePoint app bar that features global navigation 

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