How do you configure navigation for a Hub site? How do I know what to link to?

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Do you really have to manually paste a URL when creating a new link in the Nav bar?

How come it can't auto detect spoke sites that are part of the hub? There seems to be a missing link here unless I'm misunderstanding the purpose of a navigation bar and adding sites to a hub site...

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@Jgq85 if you're just associating a site to the hub site you don't need to paste in the url to the hub top menu as it will add it automatically when you associate it.


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Where exactly does the link automatically show up to the subsite? In the mega menu? Because I don't see anything there just Edit. 

I have this same question. The HUB MENU does not seem to automatically show anything except the main hub site. Do we need to manually build? In which case, the permissions trimming also does not apply.

@Gerry_Brimacombe my apologies, I gave the wrong information: you do need to manually add links into the Hub top menu, but that same menu then appears on all the associated sites as with our intranet (a hub site) and lots of associated sites: