How do you change SharePoint setup so that it uses an AG listener rather than a specific DB server?

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A customer has SharePoint set up on an app server (SharePoint Foundation 2010) with the SharePoint databases sat on a SQL Server that is part of an AG that has three replicas...let's call them DB1, DB2 and DB3. The AG listener name is SQLLive.


When SharePoint was originally setup, it was specified that the database server was DB1 (at the time, the AG wasn't set up). They now want to change it so that it uses the listener (SQLLive) instead of just pointing directly to DB1.


I can see in the SharePoint Central Administration console there is an option to specify the name of the default database server (Central Administration => Application Management => Specify the default database server). Is it simply a case of changing the value specified in here from DB1 to SQLLive? And if so, would this cause any disruption to anyone using SharePoint at the time (i.e. would it require downtime)?



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Does anyone have any ideas on this? I'd really appreciate it