How do I turn off 'reverse inheritance'?

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If I have a set of SPO sites -,, and I want to inherit permissions from to the two subsites but then apply special permissions which only apply to the sub-sites SharePoint does something called reverse inheritance which seems to function contrary to the logic of everything I've seen before and ends up applying permissions all over the place where I don't want them.  I want inheritance to work down the chain, not up.  Is there a way to disable reverse inheritance?

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@An_admin_123 SharePoint does not provide/support anything like reverse inheritance. It is up to you how you are using SharePoint groups and granting permissions on site collection and subsites.


If you have SharePoint groups created at site collection, you can grant permissions to those groups only on required subsites and remove permissions of those groups from site collection SharePoint site. It should work for you.

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In a normal file system security tree permissions work down, so sub-folders can inherit permissions. With SharePoint parent sites get permissions you assign to sub-sites. Just another reason to find a better solution really, it doesn't look like I can fix it. Thanks anyway.