How do I see hidden columns in Microsoft List?

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I have a Microsoft List that I need to clean up. For one thing, my Microsoft List has hidden columns that I need to either delete or unhide and rename. How do I go about seeing hidden columns? If they are hidden, it seems that there is a series of menu options I need to click on in order to see it again. How do I do that?


When I click on "New" to input a new row, it seems that those hidden columns are there for use. So the input of a new row does not match the default row that I see in the List.

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Click on the settings gear in the top right corner and go to List Settings. That will show all columns in the List.

@wm-thompson further to the answer by @Kelly_Edinger, if you click one of the dropdowns in the header of your list click on Column settings then on Show/Hide columns. You then select the columns you want to see or hide.




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