How do I remove comments from a Modern Ui Page

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If a blasphemous comment is added to a Modern Ui Page - it would need removing ASAP.  How do I do this.  I don't want to stop all comments.  I just want to remove the blasphemous one.





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Have you tried to disable comments feature in page edit mode?

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín Yes, but I don't want to disable comments.  I just want to remove the offending comment from the page.  There could be 5 - 10 other comments which are OK and I want them still to be displayed. I still want to allow new comments to be added.





Upss, I think this can only be done (if possible) by trying to delete it programmatically from the comments store used for modern SPO pages (no idea how to do it)

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín This is the problem - Microsoft between before Christmas and Now they have removed the Hidden Comments list.  @Egor Tsvetkov had a great way attaching to this hidden list and sending an email out when a new comment arrived.  But he has confirmed (last night) that this hidden list had disappeared.  The comments are now held in some cloud storage.  I can still get to them (via REST) but cannot know when they arrive. -> by @vrdmn .





@Nigel Price 


If you are the owner of the site you can simply click on the the triple dots to the right of the comment and select "Delete" Please let us know if this works!


FYI...the dots are super tiny and light grey...if you're not careful you will totally miss the tiny 3 dots!

Thanks Michael