How do I recover field data of SharePoint list as it disappeared & not present in version history.

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Below scenario

1)I have tried to change the choice column type from the dropdown to checkboxes.
2)The choice field gets changed from dropdown to checkbox, but the data of that field get disappears. I have tried to find that data with version history, but that field data is also not present in version history too.

Can I get help with this?
How do I recover of field data of the SharePoint list.

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Did you check the SharePoint Recycle Bin?
If you automatically sync SharePoint to your computer, you can use File History to get the previous versions.
The related steps is presented in this post:

It is not file from document library.
It is SharePoint List item, and it has fields.
The data of only one field is disappear from SharePoint List.

Also, data of only that field is not showing in version history and other fields are showing in version history.
That choice field data is not showing in version history.