How do I print a SharePoint list?

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We use Office365 and have a number of SharePoint sites sitting behind our various MS Teams.

I have a list in one of these sites I want to print, but default print dialogue in Edge makes the page look like a**


Can someone tell me how I print this list just as a table?

Before people go advising of lots of options around custom code, I'm not a developer and want to avoid code based solutions as I'm not in a position to deploy or troubleshoot them over time.


Many thanks


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@Eds1989 printing SharePoint lists has always been an issue. To make it simple I always click on  Export to Excel and then print the spreadsheet from there.


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Kind of bonkers, seems like a pretty basic function to be omitting.
I was hoping to avoid exporting to Excel, as the whole point of the list is to replace the use of an existing spreadsheet that gets distributed to all staff. We might as well not use the list if they are just going to have to convert it back into a spreadsheet :(

Any idea if MS are planning to add print functionality in the future?
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@Eds1989 well they haven't done in the last 20 years so don't hold your breath. If you use Chrome you can right-click on the list, select print and that produces a reasonably nice layout of the list.




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Intranet, SharePoint and Power Platform Manager (and classic 1967 Morris Traveller driver)




I can't find any way to submit feedback to Microsoft on SharePoint online, and of course all searches for "SharePoint Feedback" just give me articles on how to "Collect feedback through SharePoint"

I'm using Edge, and attempting to print the list requires manual adjustment of scale as it doesn't automatically scale to fit all columns or the width of the page, and only prints 1 page of the list up to what fits on the page.
I'll try in Chrome see if it is an Edge specific issue.

Yep, print options much better and more aligned with what I'd expect when done in Chrome.
Must be an Edge specific problem......c'mon Microsoft.


EDIT: Nevermind, I refreshed the page and now all 3 pages are selected. Page width not perfect, but now only requires a 5% adjustment

Take a look also at custom options such as the following one:
It doesn't look like they tried or mentioned printing multiple items.
Do you know if it supports selecting all items and printing in one template?

It may be an option, but it's a case of trying to train users to "select all items" before hitting print, which I'm sure we all know is sometimes challenging.


@Eds1989 , i can't even export to excel now, only able to export to csv or power bi.  I also can't print via the browser as it only comes out blank.  

Any advice or assistance will be much appreciated.


@sly1421My lists have also updated to not letting me print as of today.