How do I prevent Word-documents from synchronizing with Word Online.

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I would like to upload a Word-document to a document library in Sharepoint and prevent people from being able to edit it in Word Online. The document is a rapport template, so people are not supposed to make changes to it, but simply download and rename it before writing in it. I have set the document to open in the client application (Word), because I through this would force people to download it. Which it does for Google Chrome but not the other browsers. When I open the file from the document library in these browsers the file opens in Word, but it still synchronizes all the changes to the document in my document library. 

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Hi @ChristianPedersen ,


You need to change the permissions on the file to read only for the group of users that you do not want to be able to edit the document. 


Tick the file in the document library and then the three vertical dots "…", click manage access and change the group to "Can View"