How do i force my list to open always in modern experience?

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Hi, We have SharePoint list which is customized using PowerApps custom forms. I want the list to open always in Modern experience for the PowerApp form to work. The list has flow which sends notification to end users with edit item link to PowerApp form .


We want the list to open always in Modern experience so that the custom powerapp form works properly.Can i set this at sitecollection level or list level? 


Because setting the list to open in New Experience from advanced settings doesn't seems to work for end users.At times the list is opening in classic experience. 

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Hi @Santhosh Sankaran,


If the list was created from an App (i.e. Tasks) that only support the "Classic" experience there is not much you can do to force the "Modern" experience.


You could copy the list definition into a Modern list experience but you might lose some of the functionality that the App provides (i.e. workflows).


I hope this helps.



@Santhosh Sankaran 

Couple things could be going on.

  1. Make sure that your default for your tenant is set to modern.

  2. Use a custom list, not a task or calendar as they do not have a native modern UI so will not behave consistently. Sometimes I get task lists to show up in modern, but not always. 

If both of those are true, then the only other thing I can think of is that your users are sometimes clicking the "return to classic" link in the left nav bar, SharePoint will sometimes "remember" and open it in classic for them next time. Until it forgets and goes back to modern. 


@Norman Young -Thanks Norman .We created custom list only.

@Rachel Davis -Thanks Rachel.


1) We want to set the modern experience for the lists only in specific site collection. 

2)It is a custom list only.  

so lets say, if users click "Return to classic' for site collection A list, and then if they try to open site collection B(modern template)  in same/different browser tab will it still open in classic if the cache is not cleared ? Though i have set the default setting of the list to open in Modern experience?


Current in my specific site collection, i am disabling the quick launch so that users will not have option to return to classic .As i always wants sharepoint form to open in power apps.

@Santhosh Sankaran did you specify any content types for the list?

@Santhosh Sankaran if the default experience is modern; its not a "classic only" app and there are no custom content types that force the "classic" experience then I think you should contact support.


Sorry I couldn't help more.



@Santhosh Sankaran 

If I understand you correctly, the default for your tenant is still classic and you've only changed this one site to modern?


My guess is that this is the source of the conflict. Somehow your tenant default if overriding the setting for this list. 

3 years later and Msft still hasn't fixed this. Setting tenant to modern and sites to the tenant default still doesn't open some custom lists in modern. The fact that this is unpredictable indicates that this is clearly a botched implementation. The exit classic link references a script trigger (returntomodern) which suggests a cookie is being set - so why is it so hard to fix?