How do I add people as returned search results on our SharePoint Homesite?

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Our company uses Sharepoint Online Modern Experience as intranet platform.


I have set up our intranet startpage as the SharePoint Homesite and have several Hub Sites created as well. So far so good.


However the Microsoft Search on top of the Intranet startpage (SharePoint Homesite) seems faulty.


The search field fails to show results-as-you-type and it completely omits People from the search results.


If I enter "View all site settings > Microsoft Search > Configure Search Settings" I can see that the only "verticals" setup are: All, Files, Sites, News. Notice how People are not among them... Adding people as a vertical seems not be an option...


How do I:

1) Add people to the returned search results?
2) Turn on "show results as you type"


I guess basically the question is: How do I get the same search functionality on our intranet's start page as we enjoy on the SharePoint Startpage?


Any help would be much appreciated.

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No one? No one but me would like to be able to search for your colleagues on your company's intranet start page...?  

@JayBeeM we do it a different way and use an app I created in Power Apps to search for staff by name, job title, location or cost centre. That's embedded on the homepage on our intranet.


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