How CRUD items on a list from different sites? And how set different visions as default for each one

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Hello everyone,

1) I want to CRUD items on a list which is in another site. Is it possible? How can I do that?
2) I want to display the list on WebPart, but how can I display different vision for each site? Because each site has different context.

Ps.: I am newbie on sharepoint. I am open to courses, tricks and tips :).

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Hello @brendon007 


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1) You can create Power Automate Flows to CRUD item's on other sites and lists.


2) On a page you can add a list view webpart. You can choose the view that you want. That means, you need to create views in a list or library at first, after that, you can add the view to a page.


Best, Dave

David, first thanks for your attention.

About the 2), but I want make each site with its default view (each vision is different from each other). Is it possible? Because are different Department.

And about the 1), How can I do a UI for the CRUD... If you think you don't know, just show your experience about the right way where can I follow please. Because the UI made will be in the site which will access the List in other site

Hello @brendon007 


1) Here a example that i found:


2) You can define one view as default view per list or library, in every site. You can choose the view that you want to show in the web part.


Best, Dave

Hello @David,
Thanks for reply, but I after talking with my cowork, we suggest make the second vision by url. At url, it's possible to pass a vision, and use appropriate web part to display that