How change permissions to see folders but not content

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Hello all


Is it possible to change permissions so an user can see the folderstructure but not be able to see the files in the folders? 


Thank you in advance! 

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Hi @AurelioDM,

yes,  it is possible to set permissions in SharePoint Online so that users can see the folder structure but not the files inside the folders.

Here are the options (methods) you can use:

  1. Custom Permissions on Folders: Apply custom permissions to individual folders, creating specific access settings. Additionally, manually generate links on the homepage pointing to these folders. When users click the links, they will encounter an access denied message, preventing them from viewing the folder contents.
    Customize permissions for a SharePoint list or library - Microsoft Support

  2. Separate Document Libraries:
    Opt for distinct document libraries for different sets of files. Similarly, set custom permissions for each library and create links on the homepage leading to these libraries. This way, users can see the folder structure but will encounter access restrictions when attempting to view the files.
    Create a document library in SharePoint - Microsoft Support

  3. File-Level Permission Adjustments:
    Adjust permissions individually on each file within the folders. While users can observe the folder hierarchy, file contents will remain hidden. This method is not recommended due to the substantial administrative effort you need to invest.

Permission to see folders but not files inside the library - Microsoft Community Hub

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Leon Pavesic

We would like to use step 1 but we don't know which permission set we do have to create. Can you help?