How can we hide/show teamify using powershell in SharePoint online?

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Teamify NotificationTeamify Notification

Hello All, how can we hide teamify notification comes over SharePoint online site which is visible to site owners only. I have written a powershell which is as below but its not working there is something i am missing. Can anyone suggest?? 



I tried everything mentioned in Refer link:


Thanks in advance... :) 

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@AnuragSaini I see from your screenshot that you have removed the script to disable 

DenyAddAndCustomizePages property of the site. By default running custom script is disabled in SPO  and you need that script for disabling DenyAddAndCustomizePages  to make the  Set-PnPPropertyBagValue work.



This is either no longer working or there is something wrong in my tenant. Could you please confirm it still works for newly created sites?


This shouldn't be pushed so hard by Microsoft and it's frustrating me enormously than rather focusing on rolling it out I have to spend time containing all this small little annoying stuff in order to be able to plan for a roll out.