How can we have Sharepoint sync directly to our file server?

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Is there any way to sync a file share to SharePoint without using OneDrive? You see, we would like to maintain our files in the current network drive, exactly where they are sitting now. This will be easier for our users. We want to avoid using OneDrive as this may confuse some of them. We want them accessing the files from the network drive that is currently mapped on their computers.


We also don't want to rely on the Sharepoint/One Drive environment for our backups. Which leads me to my next question. Is there any way to backup the files hosted on Sharepoint online with a backup software (e.g. Veeam)? We want to keep using the current backup solution that we have in place for all the other files servers that we host on premise.


I understand that this is not what Sharepoint online is meant for. I understand that migrating to Sharepoint online, means hosting your files on the cloud and syncing them back to the client workstations through OneDrive. Having said that we would still like to administered them as if they were hosted locally (on premise). 


If anyone has any ideas on how we could have Sharepoint sync directly to our file server without the use of OneDrive, I would greatly appreciate it. Is this even possible? 



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Hello David @db_Vanir 


you need to do the change, you and your users. Yes, it's a process when you migrate your local files into the cloud, but you need to do that, when you wanna use a modern M365 world.

I don't recomment synchronisation, you build redundancies and THIS confuses users even more.


Build an modern architecture and use the tools from Microsoft, like a lot more people.


I'm not agree with you, but here some inputs:

For synchronisation you can use Thirdparty tools and a lot backup software have a M365 integration, yours too ;)


Best and good luck into your modern change ;)