How can we exclude external users from people picker in SharePoint Online


Is it possible to exclude / hide the external or guests accounts form the people picker in the share forms. We want to invite customers to some of our sites but we do not want their account to show up when we use the share dialog.


Only thing I found so far is to add a query rule to the "Local People results". but I have not tried it yet.


It should be easy to do by flipping a tenant or site collection switch. With the external sharing now possible in Groups; Teams and Sites, I think it must be manageable.



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Sorry, it's not can do some "hidding" in the people picker, but not the external / guest users

@Benoit Fournier,


I don't believe we have anything like this today but you can request it in UserVoice for consideration by the team. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II