How can students and teachers see upcoming and current assignments from Teams in SharePoint?

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When viewing a SharePoint page I want to show a student/teacher their upcoming and current assignments that have been assigned in Assignments in Teams.

From my research I can see a company has developed the ability to do this which is great but we don't have the budget to buy into this service.  

Can anyone suggest how I can develop this or similar myself?


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@npsEDU one way to do it if you have Power Apps is to develop an app with a SharePoint list as the data source. The app would have a gallery filtered on the current logged in user and be displayed on the SharePoint page with the Power Apps web part. There's a bit of a lewarning curve there but some very good videos on YouTube to get you started, particularly those by Shane Young.


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Can you suggest how the Assignment information would get into the SharePoint list?