How can I make a button to download SharePoint attachments?

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I'm currently using SharePoint Online's list feature to attach files and share them within my team.

I want to count the number of downloaded attachments, but it seems that it is not a standard function.

So I want to add a new column in the list using JSON, set up a DL button, and download the attached file and count the number of DLs at the same time when the DL button is pressed, but I don't know how to implement it.

If you know any useful information or another implementation method, please let me know.
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@Toi25 there's no customRowAction in JSON to download a document. I think the only thing you could do is to use the button to start a flow in Power Automate to email the attachment to the user, and the flow then increments a column in your list by 1. But it's not a very good workaround.


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I know how to download attachments with Powerautomate. However, in order to share the flow within the team, it is necessary to have a paid license, so I thought that it could be implemented in JSON.