How can I click column type "Picture" in SharePoint list to open other link not show a picture?

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      I have SharePoint List with column type "picture" when click this column it show a picture.

      I want to change to other link URL in case click on picture. Can I do?

Thanks in advance.


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@AorMos the default SharePoint behaviour is to open the picture in the list and you can't change that behaviour:



But if you create an app in Power Apps you can set it so that when you select the picture the link can go to anywhere.


In this example I want to go to the Wikipedia page about the country when the flag is clicked. So I've started an app in Power Apps from my SharePoint data. That adds a gallery with the columns from the list.


Next, I've added a couple of labels. The first label, lblWiki, is to hold the main part of the Wikipedia address so the Text property of that label is set to ""

The second label, lblWiki2 concatenates the first label with the label holding the name of the country, dataTitle, using Concatenate(lblWiki.Text, dataTitle.Text).


Next, in the OnSelect property of the flag we enter Launch(lblWiki2) to open the Wikipedia page.


The labels can have their Visible property set to off so you don't see them. 




The result is like this. You can still edit the item, add new items and use the list as normal. Additionally, by using Power Apps you can embed the app in a SharePoint page on that site or any of your other sites.




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