How can I bulk upload an existing sharepoint list?

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We have an existing List in a SharePoint site and this List is rather extensive.


I need to be able to bulk upload this list via a CSV. Is this achievable?


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Choose create new list and choose import from Excel and select that CSV file!


issue is, that SharePoint page that hosts the list syncs to a sql server. I know that the exact https URL was used to create the API that connects it to the sql server, which is why I have update the existing list in order to prevent cutting that connection.


do you think it’s possible to bulk upload an existing list?

Well that something you should have included from the start :D

Then I recommend you to use Power Automate and copy over the data you want to copy using a timer trigger or similar depending on your use-case


I'm guessing you want to copy from SQL to a SharePoint list ?


Indeed I should have.

Other way round actually, the data needs to be extracted to the SQL server as it gets pulled into PowerBi reports from there.


Thanks for the tips. Are there any good PowerAutomate resources you can point me to for doing this?


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Why not get the data directly from the SharePoint list ? might be easier to just add it as a source :)

Here's an old blogpost (not mine) that you can followm, the steps are the same more or less: