How can I add columns with dropdown menu to a lookup column?


Hi, I have two lists, one with resources and one with projects. The project list has a column "Resources" which is linked to the "Resource list". When a resource is chosen I want other columns, like "role" (which is a drop down menu) to automatically appear in the project list when I choose resource from the resource list. 


Currently only certain types of columns, e.g. simple lines of text and dates, and a few others (not relevant for the information I want) is possible to add to "allow multiple values". Add column to multiple values in lookp list.png


Any ideas how to solve this? 

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Hello @Merethe Stave, you can work with your SharePoint List and the Trigger Action "When a SharePoint Column is modified", see article here:

and working with cascaded drop downs is usually a thing to make with PowerApps App. Here is a good video from April Dunham to do it within a sharepoint list:

Hope that helps. SharePoint is better to manipulate with PowerApps (Forms) and Power Automate (Workflows), in my eyes.


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