How can I access more text edit and formatting features in Text Box web part?

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Hello there,

How can I access more text edit and formatting features in Text Box web part?

In my SharePointOnline I only have very limited edit features available. There is e.g. no option to change the heights of the lines, the distances between paragraphs and the borders of a table (like in Word).

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Currently you are limited to the formatting options provided in the Web Part. There are not any other options you might have available through configuration

Many thanks, @Juan Carlos González Martín.

Is there another WebPart I can use for that or is there simply no solution?

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@Tom454545 What you are asking for is not normally available in any content management system that creates web pages. You are describing the kind of desktop publishing options available in Word or a more sophisticated desktop publishing solution like Adobe InDesign or even Adobe Illustrator. Creating website pages has never given us that kind of control for several reasons. . . the most significant on is that everyone uses a different device (computer, tablet, mobile, smartwatch, etc.) and the designer cannot control the end user experience but only so much. The modern SharePoint pages are responsive and the limitations in the web parts are to insure that the user experience for the people viewing your content is consistent across devices.

To get additional user interface controls one needs to know how to create and apply stylesheets on a traditional website. For SharePoint, you'd need to learn to be a UI Developer and create customized web parts using the SharePoint framework. Even then . . . you will not have the level of flexibility that you are asking for.
Many thanks, Karen. I understand.