How best to ensure content authors keep their SharePoint pages updated?

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As the number of site pages increases, so the likelihood that some of the content becomes out-of-date.

What is the best approach to reminding content authors of the need to review site pages periodically?

I've seen suggestions about buttons to manually flag out of date content.

Also Power Automate solutions to flag documents needing a review.

Setting Expiry dates might be another option.

Probably useful to be able to send reminders to content authors where last modified/published date is over X years.

The aim being to prompt them to remove or archive old content and ensure available content is current. Page Housekeeping.

I'm also suspecting that we will have a number of orphaned pages, so being able to find and deal with those would also be helpful.

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there isn't a standard "best approach", its what works best for your implementation - all the options you've lists above are viable, you might choose 1 or implement them all.
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@Steve Rotherham Every page across the hub and associated sites in our intranet must have an "owner" before it can be published. We add the owner's email address to a column in the site pages library and use a flow in Power Automate which runs once a day and sends an email to the owner, with a link to the page, if a page hasn't been modified in the last 6 months. It asks them to check the content and update it if necessary. Of course if they don't do it that day it will send the email each & every day until they do. That's annoying enough for them that most do it the first day they receive the email :)


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How do you enforce setting an owner before a page can be published?
Setting the new Owner column to required, prevents publication.
Alternatively could do it after the event either reporting on pages without the Owner column set or better setting the Owner using a Flow to the last Modified By user if the Owner wasn't set.

@Steve Rotherham Thanks, Steve! I had never tried setting a required field in Site Pages before. In case anyone else is curious, clicking "Publish" will save it as a draft, alerting you there is a required field missing.